Ferreira Lab, University of Georgia

Synthetic Methods, Natural Product Synthesis


Graduate Students

Suzie Stevenson (Ph.D., 2016) — The Discovery of Chromium Photocatalyzed Radical Cation Reactions and Exploits in 1,6-Enyne Cycloisomerization  — Currently: Postdoc, Reisman Group, Caltech

Brian Knight (Ph.D., 2016) — The Development of Traceless and Transient Directing Group Strategies and Complementary Diastereoselective Alkylations of Imidazolidinones  — Currently: Postdoc, Murray Group, University of Florida

Eric Newcomb (Ph.D., 2014) — Studies Concerning Platinum-Catalyzed 1,6-Enyne Cycloisomerizations: A Unified Synthetic Approach to the Gelsemium Alkaloids — Currently: Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry, Arcus Biosciences

Curtis Seizert (Ph.D., 2014)

Tarik Ozumerzifon (2013-2014) — Currently: Graduate Student in the laboratory of Professor Matthew Shores, CSU

Paul Allegretti (Ph.D., 2014) — The Formation and Reactivity of α,β-Unsaturated Platinum Carbenes: New Approaches to Heterocycle Synthesis — Currently: Postdoc, Annes Group, Stanford

Tim Dreier (Ph.D., 2017 from Dr. Chris Akerson at CSU) — Currently: Postdoc at LANL in the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies

Doug Rooke (Ph.D., 2013) — Utilizing Silicon for the Synthesis of Stereodefined Tri- and Tetrasubstituted Olefins — Currently: Medical Student at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Erin Stache (M.S., 2011) — The Development of Ligands for C–H Functionalization Utilizing Amino Acid Derived Directing Groups

Jacob Lowring (M.S., 2011) — Currently: R&D Chemist, ADA Carbon Solutions

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Nick Barczak  (2011-2012) — Currently: Scientist, Forma Therapeutics

Khoi Hyunh  (2014-2016) — Currently: Postdoc, DeVita Group, Icahn School of Medicine

Qiankun Li  (2015-2017) 

Undergraduate Students

Jake Rothbaum (2015-2016) — Currently: Chemistry Graduate Student, Northwestern University (2016-present)

Blaine Pedersen (2012-2014) — Currently: Chemistry Graduate Student, Yale University (2014-present)

Zach Menard (2011-2013)

Angie Greenawalt (2011-2012)

Tyler Miller (summer 2010)