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Total Syntheses of Axinellamines, Massadines, andPalau’amine Enabled by a Unique Late-Stage Chemoselective Oxidation

C–H Bond Functionalization: New Strategies for the Synthesis of Complex Natural Products and Pharmaceuticals

The Emergence of Neutral Ground-State Organic Super-Electron-Donors and their Application in Organic Synthesis


Diazo Species and Their Use in Carbenelytive Chemistry

Coordinative Unsaturation in Transition Metal Catalysis

The Advent and Advances of Cross Metathesis

High Valent Iron-oxo Species: From CYP450 to Synthetic Methods

Kinetics and Mechanism: A Brief Overview

Olefin Ligands in Catalysis

Stille Minus the Stille

The Road to Maoecrystal V

Sp2 C-H Bond Alkylation, Alkenylation, and Arylations Catalyzed by Low Valent Rhodium Complexes

That Fascinating, Seductive Intermediate: the 2-Norbornyl Cation

Chiral Phosphoric Acid Catalysis: Activation Modes and Relevant Examples

Recent Developments of the Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction

Gadolinium Based MRI Contrasting Agents

Recent Total Syntheses Published in Nature